High Interest Savings Account

Be a good steward with the money entrusted to you.

Open a High Interest Savings Account which gives you easy access to funds, while receiving a guaranteed return. If you have money with a traditional bank you are missing an opportunity to bless lives.

Good Returns. Great Rewards.

We understand that leadership has many decisions to make about the stewardship of your organization’s funds.

  • How long should our money be invested?
  • Where can we invest it?
  • When will we need it?
  • How safe are the investments we are making?
  • Can we get access to our funds when we need them?

All of these questions are important considerations a CEO, Pastor, and/or finance council must make.

The Catholic Community Foundation’s new Catholic Savings Fund provides a flexible short-term investment option that is superior to a bank savings account, CD or stocks and bonds.

Your organization gets a competitive interest rate with immediate access to your funds should your investment criteria change — and, with no market fluctuations.

The Catholic Savings Fund Provides

The Catholic Savings Fund Provides:

  • Easy Access to your funds — Fully liquid.
  • A Great Rate — 1.25% Annualized rate1
  • Principal Protection — You will never lose your principal or interest earned. Even in a down market.
  • The organization remains the owner of the funds.
  • Anytime online access to your fund balance and statements.

1The rate of the Catholic Savings Fund is currently 1.25% per annum for the initial six (6) months. The fund’s rate can change quarterly thereafter.

Fueling the Church's Mission

When organizations invest in a Catholic Savings Fund, they not only help their own mission, but also reinvested back into the entire Catholic community in Arizona.

Investment OptionGuaranteed RatePrincipal ProtectedInterest RateLiquidity
Catholic Savings FundYesYes1.25%Yes
Bank SavingsYesYes0.10 - .30%Yes
Bank CD (1yr, 2yr or longer)YesYes0.05 - 1.15%No
Stocks & BondsNoNoMarketYes

The rate of the Catholic Savings Fund is currently set at 1.25% per year.

Other Options

The Catholic Community Foundation provides organizations with a multitude of investments options depending on the level of risk and length of investment timeline. Contact us at 480.651.8800 to learn more.