Endowments to Build the Future

Forever Funds

Our Forever Fund endowments are designed to support many areas of need within our community. Some of those areas include awarding scholarships to students attending Catholic schools, providing grants that assist front-line charitable organizations, and contributions to schools and parishes for infrastructure needs. Our Forever Fund endowments are the perfect vehicles to fulfill your charitable giving goals.

Care Forever Fund

Supporting non-profits aiding those most in need.

Community Forever Fund

Improving infrastructure for organizations and non-profits.

Education Forever Fund

Investing in young faithful members of our community.


Life Forever Fund

Supporting organizations fighting for the sanctity of all life.

Do you want to contribute to another CCF managed fund like your own parish, school, or other nonprofit?

What are Endowments?

Endowments are financial investment vehicles designed to withstand economic instabilities through sensible investing practices. Grants are distributed each year, while still permitting the corpus of the fund to grow. This allows for present day community impact from a fund that is guaranteed to last in perpetuity. For more information on our endowments, please call 480-651-8800.