Catholic Growth Funds

Put your money where your faith is.

For some of us, we have been blessed with resources that extend beyond our immediate need. Whether we are planning and saving for a significant project, or are simply building and diversifying our savings for the ‘Rainy Day,’ investing our money in a manner consistent with our faith is what we are called to do as brothers and sisters in Christ. Ultimately, where we invest our money is where we are fueling the future of our society and community. We help you ensure those organizations align with your values.

The Catholic Community Foundation offers investment solutions tailored to our faith-filled community. Our investment portfolio is invested consistent with Catholic Values, as prescribed by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The Foundation offers three pools for your organization to choose from, and we will even tailor a portfolio specific to your organization’s needs and risk profile.*

Many organizations fear the uncertainty associated with the markets; however, with proper and prudent management, your funds will grow much quicker than in a traditional savings account. Not to mention, if your timeline of usage is beyond three years, you are losing money by diminishing the purchasing power of your savings due to something called inflation. Typical savings accounts rarely generate enough return to exceed inflation.

Below is an illustration of the profit from the Foundation’s investment returns generated from the Catholic Savings Fund (a traditional savings account), and the Foundation’s invested options through a Catholic Growth Fund:

In this example, let us assume an organization has $100,000. They invest that $100,000 in the Growth Pool, the Intermediate Pool, the Catholic Savings Pool, and compare everything to the historical rate of inflation over that same time period (2%). Below is a depiction of how that money would have grown depending on how it was invested:

In just four years, we see that the ending balance of an aggressively invested savings balance has yielded approximately $20,000 more (or 20%) over that same period vs. inflation and interest from a traditional savings account. This type of investment demonstrates the power of compounding returns and how a sensibly invested portfolio can increase returns over time.

The Foundation can help you meet your goals of today and your goals of tomorrow. Contact us to learn more about our Catholic Growth Funds and whether invested funds are appropriate for your organization. Also, please note the historical performance is not an indicator of future performance. Invested funds are subject to market forces that are inherent in all economic environments.

*Minimum invested balance of $1,000,000 required for a tailored pool.

For reference of numbers:

YearInflationSavings AccountIntermediate PoolGrowth Pool