“I absolutely believe in the value of perpetual endowment investing... Mt. Claret has seen the value {of endowments} and has since established two other perpetual endowment funds with CCF. All three of our funds continue to grow and replenish the needs of our organization while giving our community a way to show their love and support back to Mt. Claret.”

—Tom McGuire, Mt. Claret Retreat Center, Director


You want to hold your investments safe. Let us be the solution.

The Catholic Community Foundation has been serving the Phoenix valley since 1983. Currently holding over $70 million in assets under management, we are your trusted financial partner for long-term, charitable giving.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a financial investment vehicle designed to withstand economic instabilities through sensible investing practices. Grants are distributed each year, while still permitting the corpus of the fund to grow. This allows for present day community impact from a fund that is guaranteed to last in perpetuity.

Why is an endowment important?

We are called to be good stewards of our property, buildings, programs, and services. This includes securing the necessary funds to cover today’s expenses, as well as building capacity for future growth. Endowments are critical to the long-term survival of parishes, schools and charitable organizations because they provide a permanent and stable source of income over time.

Who has endowments?

Endowments are perfect for parishes, schools, Catholic non-profits and even families. Do you want to help build the future by contributing to an existing endowment?

To learn more about endowments and how the Catholic Community Foundation can help you achieve your goals, call 480.651.8800.

The Catholic Community Foundation partners with Diocese of Phoenix parishes, schools and charities to help them create opportunities for sustainable funding of their missions.

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The Catholic Community Foundation’s new Catholic Savings Fund provides a flexible short-term investment option that is superior to a bank savings account, CD or stocks and bonds.

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