Charitable Gift Annuity

Guarantee your income for the rest of your life while impacting the charity of your choice.

Guaranteed Fixed Income for Life

Enjoy the security of fixed payments for your lifetime backed by our promise to pay – a great alternative to low performing bonds and CDs! Did we mention that a portion of this income could be tax free?

Immediate Income Tax Deduction

Receive a tax deduction for the year you create your personalized Catholic annuity.

Direct Your Gift

Provide sustaining support for your parish, a Catholic school or another Catholic cause in perpetuity.

Three Easy Steps to Income for Life

  1. Transfer your cash, stocks or real estate to the Catholic Community Foundation and name the charity you want to support.
  2. Payments are made to you monthly or quarterly for life. You will also receive a charitable tax deduction.
  3. The remaining value of your gift at your passing provides perpetual financial support to the Catholic charity you designate.

Eighty-eight-year-old Annette recently established a $110,000 gift annuity to benefit her Catholic parish. For her age, the annuity rate is 8.4%, providing $9,240 per year for the rest of her life. And, over 80% of her annuity income is tax free!

Her personalized Catholic gift annuity is a lasting expression of her faith and will provide perpetual support for the ministries and sacramental life of her community.

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