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ShopForACause Program Soars


The Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) helps deliver requested items in need to local parishes, schools, and nonprofits through an online giving platform. "We're helping our local nonprofits modify the way they support their communities," said Deacon James Carabajal, CEO at the CCF. "The Christmas season provides a great way for locals to show support to organizations that help the neediest members in our community. The pandemic's social restrictions have made it difficult for some nonprofits to communicate their need and has created uncertainty for donors on how they can maximize their charitable dollars. CCF is proud to have found a way to foster safe and simple giving during the Holy season."

Shifting How We Give

In the fall of 2020, The Catholic Community Foundation partnered with ShopForACause, an online giving platform designed to help promote the tangible needs of our local parishes, schools, and nonprofit agencies. The program called the Digital Giving Tree is set up much like the physical Giving Trees located in Parish lobbies during Christmas time. CCF reached out to various organizations within our community to ask for their participation. Organizations then submitted a list of needs that were preloaded into the portal. The "Digital Giving Tree" gives donors a wide range of items to choose from, so regardless of your giving budget, you can most likely find an item that fits within your financial reach. Once the item is chosen and secure payment is complete, the item is shipped directly to the organization for a contactless and efficient giving experience.

"Our research has told us that people want to know how their donations make an impact," said David Newton, Chief Technology Officer for ShopForACause. "With ShopForACause, you know exactly how you are making a difference and how your donation is used."

Local Support to Parishes, Schools, & Nonprofits

Since the launch of the Digital Giving Tree, the ShopforACause website has seen an influx of orders to complete the requested needs from our local nonprofit organizations, with a total of over $32,000 purchased and 600 items completed. Along with this online support, CCF received monetary gifts from several local donors who wanted to support Catholic schools. Through these generous gifts, CCF purchased and delivered 50 chromebooks to benefit St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School – just in time for Catholic Schools Week!

"Wow! Christmas in January!" said Rose DeFer, Development Director at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School. "We were humbly blessed by the staff of the Catholic Community Foundation as they visited our school with gifts from ShopForACause. The Chromebooks will help our SVdP Catholic School students now, and we were in desperate need. Thank you to the generous donors and thank you to the Catholic Community Foundation for your generous hearts."

The response to support our local nonprofits has been tremendous; however, there is an immense need that is ongoing. The ShopForACause team plans to extend the giving platform to operate year-round to help meet the continuous requests. To participate in the Digital Giving Tree and help a family or nonprofit, visit or

The Catholic Community Foundation

Established in 1983, the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) is a private 501(c)(3) not for profit whose mission is to build the future of the Faith by providing sustainable support for those who serve our community. We are the 'servant of servants,' called to support local parishes, schools, and nonprofits who help those who need it most. To date, CCF has granted over $25 million back into the community by responsibly managing donor investments through USCCB compliant portfolios. The Catholic Community Foundation is your trusted community foundation for a faithful, sustainable future. Visit online at or call today to learn more 480-651-8800.