Matthew 12 Reflection

07-20-2020Monday ReflectionsDeacon James Carabajal

Today’s Gospel reading is a continuation of two previous readings from Matthew. We may recall the first of the two readings, where Jesus is accused of doing what he does by the power of Satan? An accusation which he easily shows is contradictory and makes no sense. And, in that second previous reading, he says that a tree that is rotten inside cannot produce good fruit. Goodness comes from a person’s interior. The words are directed at his accusers whom he, more than once, accuses of being hypocrites: pious and law-abiding on the outside and full of malice inside.


Crozier Gala Canceled

07-15-2020NewslettersDeacon James Carabajal

Dear Friends,

How often have we heard that the devastation from the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced a cancellation or rescheduling of an event or meeting this year? Sadly, this message to you will be no different. After much deliberation and prayer concerning the recent surge in COVID-19 cases here in Arizona, we have decided to cancel our 32nd Annual Crozier Gala for the 2020 year. The Foundation’s management, Board of Directors, and Gala chairs have discussed extensively and have come to an agreement that it wouldn’t be prudent to go forward with the event this year.