A Message from Deacon James

07-15-2019NewslettersDeacon James Carabajal

The Lord blesses each one of us with many undeserved gifts. And, for those who have been blessed and who are inspired by the Gospel teachings, charitable giving is a reflective and joy-inspired expression of love and gratitude for God and His people. The Catholic Community Foundation’s mission is to help you put those goodhearted values into action and grow the value of your gift for the greater good of our community, here in the Diocese of Phoenix, and beyond.

We at the Foundation remain committed to protecting and preserving your charitable gifts according to our Catholic faith and values. However, many have not been introduced to the Catholic Community Foundation here in the Diocese of Phoenix. Please allow me to do so.

We are a separate and distinct 501(c)(3) non-profit civil organization that enjoys the recognition of a Juridic Private Canonical organization in the Church. The Foundation focuses its efforts by supporting parishes, Catholic schools, and the many Catholic faith-based organizations who fulfill God’s call to serve through those generous gifts entrusted to us, from all of you.

Many donors and fundholders who are familiar with us, think of us a “bank,” a religious-based financial institution that has different tools and resources to facilitate giving, investing and granting between those who have a desire to give and those who have great need. That is a large part of the Catholic Community Foundation’s mission. The Foundation also engages in the mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, His teachings and His call to action as Catholic Christian individuals and organizations. As the Catholic Community Foundation begins a new fiscal operating year, we will be inviting you to participate in the many opportunities we offer, to help us fulfill our mission, while at the same time, helping you to joyfully express your love and gratitude for God and His people. I pray for a safe and restful summer break for you and your loved ones.