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Get To Know Chrissy Pate, Financial Analyst

07-10-2018News & Articles

What is your role at the Catholic Community Foundation?

I am the Financial Analyst and work closely with the development and finance teams. I get the pleasure of working in spreadsheets, analyzing our funds and paying scholarships, grantees and vendors.

How long have you worked with the Catholic Community Foundation?

I will be with the Foundation for 5 years this October.

What is your favorite part of your career with the Catholic Community Foundation? 

Growth! I started at the Foundation as an Administrative Assistant that worked with programs, development, finance and social media and I got to learn up close how a Foundation and a nonprofit is run. My dream is to work in the nonprofit field and with a background in media and the corporate world, it’s been amazing!

What has been the most impactful project or moment you’ve experienced while working at the Catholic Community Foundation? 

Working with our Catholic Leadership Circle program. I got to work closely with the members and grantees that apply for the grants and it was great to see the grantee winners on check presentation day — their smiles are contagious.

Is there an event or project coming up that you’re looking forward to? Why? 

The first annual Fundholder’s Summit on August 30. The Foundation has never done this before and it’s an opportunity for all the fundholders to get together and get an inside look at their funds and what we do at The Foundation to manage them.

Is there anything else about your role with the Catholic Community Foundation you’d like to share?

To be able to work with the Catholic community and those who want to give their treasure to those in need, whether that be their own parish, school or ministry. We are able to make it happen, to adapt to change in the right direction of where we are called.