Get to Know Deacon James Carabajal

06-06-2018News & Articles

What is your role at the Catholic Community Foundation?

As Chief Executive Officer, I enjoy the opportunity of leading a group of skilled individuals who live out their faith in Jesus Christ and His Church by fulfilling the mission of the Foundation. I have the ultimate responsibility of carrying out the strategic plans and policies as established by the Board of Directors. The Foundation has a unique mission as a servant organization to encourage philanthropy and facilitate the financial support for Catholic faith-based educational instruction and provide impactful support to the various Catholic faith-based organizations.

How long have you worked with the Catholic Community Foundation?

My tenure at the Foundation has been nearly four years. I initially fulfilled the role of Chief Financial Officer and was promoted nearly six months ago to Chief Executive Officer.

What is your favorite part of your career with the Catholic Community Foundation?

I enjoy the aspect of living out my faith-life, while truly engaging in what we are called to as Christians. Christians are called to live the Two Greatest Commandments of Loving God and Loving Neighbor, seeking to serve the needs of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ here in the Diocese of Phoenix.

What has been the most impactful project or the moment you’ve experienced while working at the Catholic Community Foundation?

Each time we engage in a philanthropic event, I am convinced that the occasion undoubtedly had the most impact on those we serve, due to the positive feedback we receive from participants. However, those feelings become short-lived when we move on to the next event. We at the Foundation have a belief that every time we sponsor an event or engage in a project, that we should strive to make the next one even better. Our hearts and souls are poured out into our work and in doing so, we strive to be innovative and transformational in how we serve others. One response I will never take for granted is the expression of gratitude we receive from those we serve.

Is there an event or project coming up that you’re looking forward to?

The Catholic Leadership Circle, a group of philanthropic individuals who contribute their own funds, combined with funds from the Foundation, which will be “kicking off” the 2018-2019 granting year on October 4, 2018. There is such excitement regarding the potential of the Foundation with help of this group of faithful individuals to participate in meaningful grantmaking by awarding more grants in its history with many well-deserving Catholic organizations benefiting from the program.

Is there anything else about your role with the Catholic Community Foundation you’d like to share?

The members of the Foundation staff have an informal motto: “A lifetime of faith. A lifetime of impact.” Every time we come together as a group, whether at a staff meeting or even at lunchtime, we remind ourselves as to why we serve in the Diocese of Phoenix. It is part of my role as Chief Executive Officer to never forget our core mission as a servant organization. I lead by example in striving for transparency and accountability toward our gracious donors and with those we serve.