Legacy Planning for Catholics

What is an end of life plan?

A Catholic end of life plan is vital to making sure your wishes are carried out and can help you leave a lasting personal legacy. A well thought out plan will make sure that you, your spouse, your loved ones and your favorite charities know what is important to you so your intentions are honored. The Catholic Community Foundation is here to walk beside you in this prayerful process.

  • What readings would you like at your Mass of Christian burial?
  • Will your family member know the importance of a treasured family heirloom?
  • What documents will you need?
  • What are the Catholic teachings related to medical services and cremation?
  • How can you consider your favorite parish, ministry, or charitable organization as “one of your children” in your will?

Workshops, Resources and Professional Advisors

In addition to workshops and resources, the Foundation can connect you with professional partners to help you review or create a complete and integrated end of life plan. The Foundation’s Professional Advisory Board includes:

  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Financial advisors
  • Trust officers
  • Insurance agents