Save the Date!
29th Annual Crozier Gala
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bishop's Crozier Honorees for Lifetime Leadership & Service: Dorothy & John Shea, Shea Homes
Chair Couple: Molly & Chris Siegle
Co-Chairs: Tim & Clare Broyles

“Take Our Place” has been chosen to convey the invitation that each one of us receives to contribute individually our unique creativity, vitality, and gifts to collectively lift our families and community.

Dorothy & John Shea, Shea Homes will be honored with the Bishop’s Crozier Award for Lifetime Leadership & Service in the Gala’s tradition of spotlighting leaders among us whose legacy of service and philanthropy is a model for upcoming generations.

Co-Chairs Molly & Chris Siegle with Clare & Tim Broyles, have committed this special evening to again benefit the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship Fund. Through this program almost 1200 scholarships have been awarded totaling over $476,000, to the children of our own diocesan employees. We look forward to contributing to the continued effort to build-up this investment in teachers and other diocesan employees who themselves have chosen to “take their place” to teach our children and maintain our Catholic schools, parishes and vital ministries.

As Pope Francis has energized this message anew, it is time for each of us to reflect on what this siren call to action means in each of our lives, the life of our family, and the life of our church. How is it that we each “TAKE OUR PLACE” among those who choose service in meeting the needs of others as their highest priority?

Since 2015, proceeds of the Gala support the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship Program, which aims to make Catholic education accessible and affordable for children of ALL diocesan employees. As a result, in only two short years, 630 families and 1137 children have experienced the love, grace and generosity of others. Having demonstrated its ability to transform and inspire, the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship Program aims to raise the platform, creating stronger community bonds by instilling gratitude, of those with the capacity and resources, in our diocesan employees who collectively have cooked, taught, cleaned-up after, coached and helped to faithfully form our children in schools, parishes and other Catholic organizations.